Sunday, 22 March 2009

But deliver us from evil

Evil and good are not equal and opposing forces, whatever Star Wars might tell us.  Neither is evil a primitive idea or a label just for use by the tabloids: it is our real need of liberation by God’s love from all that wounds us.

What is the evil we need to be delivered from?  In some ways it is the reality of human suffering, the reality of death and sickness.  It is also the moral evil of human beings, set against one another.  There is an evil however which lurks in our hearts, from whence this springs, the deep seated resistance to God’s love.  There is also the evil one, Satan, who is not another god, but part of fallen creation.

Over all these things God has triumphed in Jesus Christ, and we have become conquerors through the grace of him who loved us.  Christian faith is the trust in this liberation God works for us, and the sharing in the power over evil given in the Holy Spirit.

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Anonymous said...

It's been great to follow this through this week. I was a Christian but gave it up a few years ago. Not sure if this will make me go back, but it's good to see what I probably don#t believe.