Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Christianity made simple?

From Monday 16th March we open the floor to your questions and comments.  To aid you in thinking about these things, each day of this week a post will present the basics of the Christian faith, through the prayer all Christians say.

Fr Tim and Fr Bruno are the Catholic Chaplains to the University and live in a religious community that above all seeks to asks questions about God that lead to a deeper knowledge and understanding of him.  When not answering your questions, the friars are usually found at the Catholic Chaplaincy at George Square.

All true answers lead us to the one truth but we have to use our God-given minds to get there.  Together with members of the Catholic Students' Union they will be applying themselves to any questions that you send in.

Whether you are a person of faith or of doubt, or unbelief these questions remain important and we should ask them.  This week is a chance for those questions.


Anonymous said...

Wow - what a great idea. Good luck you guys!

Anonymous said...

I agree entirely.